3 Pegging Positions You Have To Know:Best Tips

3 Pegging Positions You Have To Know:Best Tips

Today’s subject is pegging roles.

Doggy, Missionary & Cowboy would be the 3 positions that are main pegging that people enjoy. Each one of these roles could be adjusted with small variation in human anatomy place or locations that are different furniture such as for example beds or seats.

And when reading isn’t your thing than jump directly to the bottom and watch our video clip with this topic alternatively.


So let’s focus on usually the one everybody else will understand, doggy design. Anyone being pegged are at the base on fingers an knees therefore the pegger is the main one behind them on the knees.

It’s a easy place that involves the pegger doing most of the work.

This place is fantastic for more focused prostate stimulation also as well as the individual doing the pegging a fantastic of motion. If you’re a new comer to pegging though go on it simple to start with because it’s a brand new feeling that anyone being pegged will be needing time for you to become accustomed to.

Top tip – then turn it round so the dildo points down and not up if your using a curved dildo like our Ambit. Your prostate is between your bladder plus the tummy, so if your on your own fingers and knees getting the many prostate stimulation ensure your model curves down to the prostate maybe not far from it.


Another basic intercourse place of this room but this right time round he is from the base and this woman is at the top. While laying on your own straight straight straight back boost your feet to your upper body, your most likely planning to desire to hold your feet.

As being a pegger if the feeling particularly principal you can easily simply simply simply take your hands on their legs and force them right back. Using control can truly add into the experience both for of you, remember this might be a big change of jobs for you personally both, often you intend to be dominated and that feeling of just being fucked is hot.

This place is excellent if you’d prefer viewing. Laying on your own straight back you’re able to see everything, her face, her boobs, your cock. Speaing frankly about dicks, this place is the better for having access that is unrestricted your cock and enables you to consider each other people eyes while you share this experience together.

Top tip – have pillow handy to position under your back. It will probably raise you up merely a making that is little easier and enhancing the impression.


Yep you have it exactly like cow woman but he does the cycling. It allows your have actually complete control of just exactly how fast, just exactly just how deep and simply how much you intend to stimulate the prostate.

A great deal more of a position that is relaxed the pegger whom lays on the website straight back and enjoys the show. This is also a good position for playing with their cock as you don’t have to concentrate on anything other than enjoying the show as a pegger.

Top tip – this can be a position that is great mess around with edging. Edging is where you receive nearly to the stage of orgasm, stop and muscular men naked this then is duplicated. The build up of very nearly having a climax over over and over repeatedly will make for an even more orgasm that is explosive you finally do.

In summery they are 3 pegging jobs we think make an attempt first, each having a sensation that is different both of you to have. It’s ok to not like all of them, many people are various also it’s exactly about finding whats enjoyable for you personally. You like then you can explore different variations on that position when you find what.

Write to us your top tips and just what place or roles you prefer probably the most with regards to pegging when you look at the reviews below.

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